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By clicking on the below links, you will be transported to another exciting educational zone.

 Association of Horticulture Professionals - Excellent not for profit Florida group dedicated to aid green industry in compliance with Florida and Federal laws and regulations. Your only legislative voice for the land care industry in Florida. --

Florida Bureau of Entomology and Pest Control (BE&PC):  Division of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS) that regulates commercial pest control pesticide applicators, lawn spray companies, termite control companies, inside pest control, mosquito, and Limited Certificates such as the Limited Commercial Landscape Maintenance, Limited Lawn & Ornamental, Limited Structural, etc.

 Florida Bureau of Compliance Monitoring (BCM):  A Division of Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (DACS) that regulates the agriculture and other related professional pesticide applicators and sales of restricted use products. Examples include Golf Courses, Aquatics, Nurseries, Right of Ways, Farms, Greenhouses, Parks, Cemeteries etc.

 See if any person is a Licensed Pesticide Applicator in Florida. Official Department Link. You may have to download Java Script (free download) if you don’t have it already. Although regularly updated, this information may not be totally accurate. If you have questions about an individual not being licensed call 850-921-4177 to find out.

 University of Florida Extension Offices: Find your local extension office and explore their list of short courses on topics such as: how fertilizers work, proper plant pruning, weed identification and control, landscape management, best management practices, irrigation, plant pest and disease recognition, how to prepare your landscape for hurricane damage, and so many others. --

 Featured Creatures:   Good University of Florida website that allows you to see pictures and graphics of plant and pest problems common in Florida. Often accompanied by control suggestions. --

Pesticide Labels & MSDS:  Free downloadable access to almost every product sold for use in U.S. Easy to use. --

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Large somewhat cumbersome site that none the less has tons of information relating to pesticides.

Gempler’s: Mail order website for the workingman in the green industry. Safety hats, shirts, signs, respirators, protective gloves, etc. all delivered to your front door.

John Deere/Lesco: Somewhat confusing website that allows you to browse their product line if you are patient enough with the bulky navigator. --

Alien Empire: Limited but interesting site featuring some little known facts about bugs.

OMRI, Organic Materials Review Institute: Different spin on current state of organic materials. Includes several links to other sites including USDA. --

Pest Facts:  Excellent uncluttered site that allows you to sift through facts compared to media exaggerations that have confused consumers for years. Includes myth buster section.

Pestweb:  A good site hosted by Univar despite some annoying features like insisting you get a password to access some of the material so they can send you product e-mails for the rest of your life. Also, they may deny you access if you are not an established customer.  Great manufacturer’s link. --

University of Florida Entomology and Nematology: Gator Nation actually extends beyond foot ball; Surprise! Mainly student oriented but has some good links, especially to some online publications. --

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