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About Us

Those that know me well say I have come full circle.  I left the computer industry to work in landscaping and pest control, and now I am back into computers.  As a matter of fact I do think I slightly resemble a circle.

I hope you enjoy my Continuing Education Classes (CEUs).  They were written with you the technician in mind, and are full of little anecdotes, personal experiences, and scenarios shared with me throughout these prosperous years.

Thank you for choosing our industry!  It's no accident that you are not trapped in an office cubicle on the third floor in a nameless building.  Like you may have, I recognized the great outdoors was where I wanted to be for most of my working life.  I have loved it for 35 years, and love the people in it, who toil long hours in the full heat of the summer, so our world can be as beautiful as it is.

 As an industry, we tend to shun science and education.  That's too bad because it's the science of our business that really makes it interesting.  My job I believe is to make learning fun again for you.  I hope to leave you yearning for more, instead of just glad to get this  behind you.


Take care.  It's been nice talking to you again.

Bob Kessler

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